Shen Essentials” embodies the Egyptian representation of the word “shen”; communicating the awareness of the unlimited, never-ending circle of creation.

The foundation of genuine healing comes from honoring the healing process as well as the cyclical & diverse pattern of Mother Nature (which we are part of), and to be grateful for the generous abundance of these gifts offered through her.  

I feel honored and blessed to share knowledge of these “gifts” to support well-being on every level. I strongly believe that Mother Nature is in alignment with all of creation; and is constantly changing, adapting & continuously realigning with harmony and balance; allowing for this dynamic dance of life to continue.

Because this dynamic & ever-changing “balance” is continually being adjusted, it only makes sense that we would desire to choose natures healing remedies to support us within this aspect of the human journey, since we too are part of nature’s intricate tapestry and are designed to live within the framework of natural rhythms & Natures balancing expressions.  

It is my passion and my pleasure to help assist others in discovering their inherent healing potential. I feel blessed and honored to share my experiences and the knowledge that I have gained over 25 years with others to expand their awareness with regards to healing possibilities.

My experience and training covers herbalism, aromatherapy & other natural healing treatments. My herbalism training is traditional, meeting in homes and workshops with various teachers over 25 years. One of my most powerful teachers has been Matthew Wood. His teachings have dramatically reinforced my perceptions of healing. My orientation is directed toward using herbs (and other remedies) as supportive of healing, and not as forceful agents to bypass the proper healing & adjustments that are necessary for lasting change.  

My aromatherapy training includes (but is not limited to) advanced level certification as a professional aromatherapist by the former Institute of Dynamic Aromatherapy. 

I also have experience and education with other healing modalities including nutrition, breathing techniques & lifestyle guidance.  

I work with those who are willing to take responsibility for themselves and are willing to become self-empowered when it comes to their healing process. My goal is to assist & share healing knowledge and experiences so that one can make educated and informed decisions with regards to their health and wellbeing.

I look forward to hearing from you and being able to share in your healing journey. We are far more powerful; and our bodies far more capable; than we have ever been led to believe.

Because of my deepest commitment to help anyone in need; I never turn anyone away. I accept donations if one is so inspired, but it is not a condition for me to offer support. 

Feel free to reach out by using the email below. 

Sincerely, Laryssa

“Shen Essentials” embodies the Egyptian representation of the word “shen”; communicating the awareness of the unlimited, never-ending circle of creation.


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